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Theories actually seen in practice C. Sometimes it is difficult to carry through the undertaking given.

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Emily Montino which is the IT head supervisor, to check the amortization schedule of the members where the types of loans are included and how much their loan is. New Knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired B.

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In that manner you can certainly bring forth an effectual end product. Profiles of the Company c. Martin, general manager of S. New knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired B. Problems encountered V. They pattern working as a squad inside the office because they believe that two caputs are truly better than one. OJT Experience b. Theories actually seen in practice C. Viray Jr. Fernando S. And within those five — six days I already learned a lot of things, more than what I expected. To enable students develop a sense of professionalism, love of work and commitment to people they serve. In fact, job training is something that should be embraced. Theories actually seen in practice C. In PLDT they called their system as Clarity that all the information of the phone number or the customers are saved.

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I know and they know that we co-ojt work in their company without allowances so sometimes they gave us a treat like they treating us lunch or a snacks just to show us that they appreciated are work. My typewriting and Microsoft office accomplishments were besides enhanced since the undertaking that were given to me is where it is focused. More than any learning thought in school, I learned to be with others, to work with people. Function of the Company IV. This job has taught me that almost everybody is in my same position. My communicating accomplishments was enhanced because of how I communicate with my fellow office couples. In the past few days, I have been preparing myself for my departure, all of the while brainstorming a blog that I could go out on.

I regularly worked on Apples in the PC lab. I learn also to listen to my senior, Mr.

Problems encountered V. I have always enjoyed writing, and always felt that I was pretty good at it. How to build my resume: Like I said, this internship has improved my skills a ton, both off paper and on paper. Royal Tru. Murray, but did not work with Apples on a regular basis. I regularly worked on Apples in the PC lab. Serves patrons at banquets, special functions, or during normal daily dining room operations. As of now, I get all works done smoothly with minimum of supervision. When it comes in covering with officemates. Although tonss of paper plants are coming inside our office everyday particularly those paperss related to transportation of goods. Problems Encountered V. This example of my success is a great chance that I will step the victory of my life. This guide looks at job training in more detail and outlines…. He operates tools.

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