Continuity and change over time essay outline

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What were things like at the end of the assigned period? Introduction with thesis — Prove something! Example: One change that occurred in interactions was social structures of the Americas.

As example of this would be advanced shipping technology which spread to Europe from China allowing Europeans to dominate maritime trade in the Atlantic world.

Continuity and change over time essay example

Why did these changes occur? However, W. What do you notice about the first paragraph? In other words, something from the outside that affected your area. Body Paragraph discussing W. Buddhist monasteries gained political and economic influence through acting as advisors to rulers and through generous grants of land. A description of the background baseline situation for a given area at the time of the starting date is crucial for understanding how things later change impact. Examples: Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis. Why did Europeans control the Americas? Roman, C. Your reader would want you to specifically note the amount, pace, location, and significance of whatever changes you described. Analyze the process of change and continuity: Describe what changed and how it changed, not just what the results of change were. Analysis: A population explosion resulted in China from these new food crops which created some of the social problems leading to the end of the Qing dynasty. The essay is more than a comparison of two points in time however; it is a description of the process of change. Continuities need to be across time periods.

Major turning points? What made the Silk Roads last so long as a trade route? For this essay you will: Give a detailed analysis of Western Europe in the time period addressing the political, economic and social factors that guided Western development.

Provides ample historical evidence to substantiate the thesis. Analyze the cultural and political changes and continuities in the following civilization during the last centuries of the classical era.

Time change essay

Example: During the time period , the maritime trade caused many things to stay constant in interactions because of the continuing need for trade and goods to sustain a global economy. Circle or underline key words or phrases in the question. However, W. Under the Sui and Tang the examination system became an important way to establish merit-based government, and examinees were responsible for memorizing and analyzing the Confucian classics. Lastly, good writing would require you to analyze the reasons for the continuities and changes What caused each continuity or change? This was due to the excessive size of the empire, increasing problems in ruling over the provinces, and problems of succession as seen with the barracks emperors. Supports your thesis with appropriate historical evidence: You need to have at least 5 examples of evidence that help answer the question; partial credit can be earned for this section. Why did these changes occur? Empress Wu, a ruler during the Tang Dynasty, used Buddhist principles to rule and was considered a Bodhisattva by Buddhists. Politically, while China saw the transition from the Han through Tan Rule, the influence of Confucianism stayed in place. Using a three stage frame work for your body paragraphs: Body paragraph 1: Set the stage. The more specific you can be about these characterizes, the better your score. An example of this would be evidence needs to be specific of the AP Theme. What made the Silk Roads last so long as a trade route? Continuities need to be across time periods.
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